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Corporate Benefits



Custom Solutions for Happy, Healthy Employees

Building the perfect plan to attract high-performing, loyal employees is hard. Making sure that the plan meets legal, regulatory and other requirements is even harder. You need a program customized for you — not an off-the-shelf package. One that’s designed for your size, location, number of employees, demographics and type of business.

Finding the right solution depends on having a different perspective that sees the big picture as well as the intricate details. That’s where we come in, bringing you the right people, technology, experience and insights that can help you see and do so much more. Most of all, we strive to take the headaches out of the process. 

Employee Benefits


With Great Employees Comes Great Responsibility

Great corporate benefits solutions are your golden ticket to attracting and retaining the best employees. But let’s be real. They can be a major headache to build and administer. The market is complex and administrative costs keep rising. Changing times demand new approaches. And between confusing regulations and overwhelming compliance issues, a one-size-fits-all package isn’t going to cut it.

To help keep your employees happy and healthy, we work with you to understand your pain points and the big benefits picture. Then we carefully craft a program that supports and reflects your company’s vision.


Ancillary Benefits



Extras That Make the Difference

Elevate your company from a great employer to an exceptional one with ancillary benefits. By adding a variety of optional programs that employees can pick and choose from, your company has a more competitive benefits plan. The best part? The programs don’t mess with your bottom line.

Lots of Support

To create an attractive ancillary benefits program, you must understand what your employees want and need. You also have to decide what options fit with your business objectives. We make it easy for you by:

Identifying best-in-class options in your industry and identifying what your plan might be missing

Looking to future trends to ensure the programs you offer is competitive now — and in the future

Benefits Administration



Administrate Less, Achieve More

Benefits administration isn’t easy. But don’t let its challenges keep you awake at night. Say goodbye to endless research and guesswork with the smart way to find a solution that’s right for you. It’s called partnership.

Provider Selection


You have so many provider options that choosing can be overwhelming. But we know how to find the one(s) that meets your needs and your budget. Whether you want to better leverage your existing solution or find a new one, we’ll provide guidance that can help you feel confident in your decision. Our solution review process is designed to be vendor-agnostic so you get a clear view of the technologies available.

Implementation Made Easier

Identifying the right solution is the critical first step. How you implement it is equally important. You can take advantage of our wide variety of implementation models that help make putting your new system into place as painless as possible.

Want some help? Our in-house team can act as both you advocate and resource network to make sure that you get exactly what you signed up for and know how to make the most of it.

Benefits Management



Why Go It Alone?

Benefits management has a lot of moving parts: administration, communication, compliance and financials, to name just a few. We understand each of those parts as well as we understand the importance of a highly personal, client-focused approach to helping you succeed. That approach includes:


We can’t advocate for you if we don’t know you. Right out of the gate, we work with you to understand your company’s culture, your employees’ needs and whether the employee benefits programs you offer them are really meeting those needs. Then we talk challenges — the ones you have now and the ones on their way.

From plan selection, implementation and management to making sure your employees know how to make the most of what you’re offering, you’ll get personalized support every step of the way. Every quarter, we’ll gather data that helps identify the trends affecting your current yearly plan. Post renewal, we’ll sit down with your HR staff to review plan performance for the recently concluded year. Then we'll create a comprehensive calendar and timeline that outlines the key planning initiatives, deadlines and individual responsibilities that can help ensure success for you and your employees. 

Benefits Compliance



To say that benefits compliance and health care reform are complex is an understatement. You need a partner with the in-depth industry knowledge to make sense of it all. Not only do we have it; we use our knowledge to make things easier on you by offering:

In-house compliance professionals who intricately know the laws and rules

A compliance checklist developed by former IRS and DOL attorneys with an employer size- and type-adjusted compliance audit and links to model notices/action steps

A Web-based compliance portal with FAQs, a benefits compliance library and other resources, such as client-facing training webinars

Proactive updates, including our biweekly Compliance Corner newsletter on federal and state regulatory changes, podcasts and links to model notices and upcoming deadline reminders

Health care reform modeling tools and resources featuring actuarial-backed tools for the employer mandate, plan design changes, excise taxes and more

Whether it’s a fully insured health plan, a self-insured plan or a consumer-driven plan, you’ll have solutions designed to help keep your employees – and your company – healthy and happy.


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